NAG CHAMPA Perfume Roll-on (8 ml)

Brand: Nag Champa Spa
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NAG CHAMPA Perfume Roll-on (8 ml.-.28 oz.) - SAVE 50% NOW!

The Nag Champa roll-on oil is just gorgeous! It is very fragrant though still fresh and light.
It, to me, is the essence of that awesome Nag Champa scent, with nothing added to throw off the scent. It's perfect and I love it!  -Joy

Our perfume oils are blended from pure essential oils.
The delicate fragrances are perfect to use at home or on the go.
Each 8 ml. (.30 oz.) bottle comes with a convenient roll-on dispenser.
Available in 6 popular fragrances, including Nag Champa!

Product Details
Weight 8 ml
Package type Bottle
Product Form Liquid
Package Units 1
Package content 1

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