POPULAR FRAGRANCES - 15 Sticks (Choose Fragrance)

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Enjoy the finest Natural Incense sticks made with pure herbs, barks, floral extracts and essential oils.
Choose your favorite scent from our collection of popular fragrances. Box of 15 Sticks.

NAG CHAMPA - An uplifting spiritual fragrance from India, often used for meditation and yoga.
PATCHOULI - A sensual woodsy fragrance reminiscent of the Summer of Love.
SANDALWOOD - A warm sacred fragrance from India, to promote calm and expand well-being.
FRANKINCENSE - A precious gift of the Three Wise men, to uplift the spirit and nourish the soul.
LAVENDER - A relaxing floral bouquet, great for unwinding and promoting restful sleep.
ROSE - A fresh bouquet of roses, to warm the heart and delight the senses.
JASMINE - A bouquet of sweet white jasmine blossoms for love and romance.
VANILLA - A sweet warm fragrance to calm, realx and balance the senses.
EGYPTIAN MUSK - A sensual and mystical fragrance from a variety of hibiscus flower.
HIMALAYAN CEDAR - A sweet rich fragrance for a sense of clarity and harmony.
CINNAMON - A warm spicy fragrance to provide strength and enhance creativity.
TIBETAN AMBER - A calming fragrance to protect from negativity and balance one's energy.

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