CHAKRA OIL GIFT SET - 7 Chakra Oils in Gift Box

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Our Chakra Oil Gift Set includes 7 oils, one for each Chakra or Energy Center. They are blended from pure essential oils, and the delicate fragrances can be used either as a perfume or in an aroma diffuser.
Each 10 ml. (1/3 oz.) bottle comes with a convenient roll-on dispenser. Chakra Oil Gift Set is packed in an attractive handmade paper Gift Box. SET OF 7 OILS
ROOT CHAKRA - "Centering"- Muladhara - Mantra LAM
SACRAL CHAKRA - "Creativity"- Svadhisthana - Mantra VAM
SOLAR PLEXUS-"Transforming"- Manipura - Mantra RAM
HEART CHAKRA - "Love" - Anahata - Mantra YAM
THROAT CHAKRA- "Expression"- Vishuddha - Mantra HAM
THIRD EYE CHAKRA - "Intuition"- Ajna - Mantra OM
CROWN - "Enlightenment"-Sahasrara - Mantra AUM

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