I've been spending some time in out here in Astoria, Queens in New York City so thought I'd report in on the incense scene. It's not as vibrant as the nightlife and ethnic scene but there are some pockets worth exploring. Sai Organics is the neighborhood go to spot for healthy food and natural personal care products. It's tucked just under the 30th avenue NQ subway stop. They have a quaint little shelf dedicated to incense with incense sticks and smudge sticks but nothing in the way of high end. You can generally count on the health food boutiques to carry something in the way of incense


Organic Bay on Broadway is a 24 hours "health food' store in Astoria. They recently opened up a vitamins and herbal remedy type shop on the same block (I don't believe this one is 24 hours). They've got a somewhat larger incense selection, pictured below, but didn't find anything particularly out of the ordinary.